How We Treat Each Other

After the monetary issues, there is no more important issue than the way we view and treat ourselves and the way residents view and treat us. We are defined by that ability to listen and use information – as is the public. It is a two way street. Civility and respect begat the same. We must listen, learn and take advice and information from the voters. It can not simply be a step we must take but use it also as part of the process in determining answers and solutions. No one comes to this position. nor any other, knowing it all. We seek information form many sources, staff, online, books, individuals and last but not least, the public and do so with respect, honesty and thanks for the additional information. The Council is elected to represent the voters – our bosses – and we must act with respect and civility.

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One Response to “How We Treat Each Other”

  1. Patricia McCain says:

    Honorable Mayor Breeden,

    I have been disturbed, in the last two weeks, to read in the Daily Independent, your remarks and others in City government with regard to the proposed large influx of visitors expected to visit our community.

    I felt that the comments regarding our not having to spend any money or do anything to make money were condescending and, frankly, untrue. I believe that we should prepare for this onslaught of visitors by, at least, opening another main-artery street to circumvent our city; and opening at least one other chain restaurant. I believe we elected all new City government to move forward to grow our City and, hopefully, that will include our small business owners.

    I don’t feel that your ‘grin and bear it’ attitude will be able to handle this new influx of people. This is my opinion.

    Thank you for your service.

    Very truly yours,

    Patricia McCain

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