Fiscal Responsibility

a. Better financial projections
1. Departments will report at budget and mid budget review with numbers and program analysis
b. Individually and collectively, we can not cut our way out of debt. We reduce costs as much as we can in a responsible manner. We GROW our way to prosperity.
1. Advertise and Merchandize the Kerr McGee Center as a reasonably priced alternative to events from outside our area. Actively seek them, offer extraordinary service, a quality product at a fair price. Look at alternative ways to accomplish this.
2. Revenue enhancing alternatives – as many other cities do partnerships with local businesses, form improvement districts to fix, repair, remodel local businesses and develop associations with other service providers locally to grow events

After the monetary issues, there is no more important issue than the way we view and treat ourselves and the way residents view and treat us. We are defined by that ability to listen and use information – as is the public. It is a two-way street. Civility and respect begat the same.
We must listen, learn and take advice and information from the voters. It can not simply be a step we must take but use it also as part of the process in determining answers and solutions.
No one comes to this position. nor any other, knowing it all. We seek information from many sources, staff, online, books, individuals and last but not least, the public and do so with respect, honesty and thanks for the additional information.
The Council is elected to represent the voters – our bosses – and we must act with respect and civility.

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One Response to “Fiscal Responsibility”

  1. Charles McCain says:

    Madam Mayor, You talk about increased revenue but this city government has done everything to keep Super Walmart out. This is from people that have not seen rural towns with a super Walmart and how those towns sales tax revenues increased drastically. I use Meridian, MS as an example. They have a population of 40,000 and have a naval base there and are 70 miles from the nearest larger city. But there shopping customer base is 250,000 and it all started with super Walmart. Now on Saturday’s there every restaurant is full and businesses are booming all because super Walmart draws them to the city. This could of been Ridgecrest but due to the ignorance of the local government they kept them out. I know many people that I work with and most of them do not shop here. They find it worth the drive to go to Palmdale, Lancaster and Victorville. You talk fiscal responsibility but you gave hundreds of thousand of dollars to a non-proven start-up company that as yet to produce an actual medical robot. Someone was pushing for that money and now they will be gone in few months with our money and never be seen again. This city has the most none forward thinkers in local government I have ever seen. To prevent the hotels when they were built not to have restaurants of there own but to have people staying there eat at the local ones instead. Come on if these local restaurants can not compete with name brand ones then they probably should not be in business anyway. Face it no one wants to shop at the Mom and Pop stores here. You talk about moving here in 1982 well I was first here in 1983 and some people want to keep this town like it was then. Well they have not been able to stop progress only slow it down so the majority of the people miss out on nice stores and restaurants. So now without a super Walmart to help the city grow Ridgecrest will just a be small desert town with no future of growth. You can be a Mayor that can make the city grow or be like all the rest and be a puppet for the 3 or 4 founding families here. You decide what kind of Mayor you want to be remembered as. Sincerely, Charles McCain

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