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Vote Peggy New


How We Treat Each Other

After the monetary issues, there is no more important issue than the way we view and treat ourselves and the way residents view and treat us. We are defined by that ability to listen and use information – as is the public. It is a two way street. Civility and respect begat the same. We […]

Fiscal Responsibility

a. Better financial projections 1. Departments will report at budget and mid budget review with numbers and program analysis b. Individually and collectively, we can not cut our way out of debt. We reduce costs as much as we can in a responsible manner. We GROW our way to prosperity. 1. Advertise and Merchandize the […]

A Candidate with Experience


Tourism is the first of many un-polished gem in Ridgecrest of which I speak. We do not have enough income to support many of the needs and virtually none of the wants inside the City of Ridgecrest from income to the City. Tourists cost us virtually nothing. They do not impact the need for more […]

Measure V

Why does the city need Measure V? The answer is simple – we have a critical general fund deficit. Currently, the City of Ridgecrest general fund budget is $12.5 including $2.6 million in Measure L revenue. Without Measure L the city’s general fund would be approximately $9.9 million. This would makes Ridgecrest’s general fund budget […]